Thursday, January 29, 2015

Class Pass Launches in Vegas - A Better Way to Workout!

I don't know about you, but I get bored with the same workout. Running on a treadmill or track just doesn't get me excited. But give me the chance to change things up, do yoga one day, then a BootCamp, and finish up the week with some boxing. Now that is how I'd love my workout routine to go.

ClassPass is a monthly membership to the best boutique fitness classes in your city. There are thousands of classes available to ClassPass members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more. So for one monthly fee you can take as many classes as you’d like each month! And the best part is they just launched here in Las Vegas!

I'm so excited to give these classes a try! I've got my eye on some yoga classes and I've wanted to try Barre classes for a while.

Go check out ClassPass, in fact use THIS referral link to skip the waiting list and join today! ClassPass is active in these major cities:

    Los Angeles
    New York
    San Diego
    San Francisco
    Washington, D.C.

So what kind of fitness classes would you take?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 10 Posts of 2014

(So apparently I never hit publish on this post....oops)
I don’t know about you, but 2014 was interesting. There were some up’s and some down’s and lots of uncertainty and waiting around.

As for as the blog goes, I had some very consistent periods and then well I kinda unintentionally took the last month or so off. It has been very busy and stressful the last couple months at church with my calling.
Here are my top 10 articles posted in 2014…

Reupholstered Glider – I still smile when I walk in my little girl’s room and see this!
Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker37 

DIY Baby Gate – Now that our little girl is walking around the house, this is essential for our sanity and her safety!
DIY Baby Gate8-2

DIY Bath Tub Tray - My dad still loves and uses the tray. Now to make one for me :)

DIY Bathtub Tray20

Natural Remedies for Children’s Eczema – my kid’s skin still gets a little dry from time to time, but the eczema patches have never come back!
tips for treating children's eczema naturally

How to Clean Baby Poop Stains Naturally – no baby stains here!
how to clean baby poop3

Clean and Disinfect Kid’s Toys (without toxic bleach) – No one has been sick yet this winter because we’ve been keeping on top of the germs and boosting their immune systems with high quality supplements.
Safely Clean and Disinfect Kid's Toys 9-2

DIY Composting Bins - I've since had to move into larger bins, but these worked great while I had a small amount.
DIY Compost Bins

Baby Food in the Crockpot - I love making homemade baby food. My youngest doesn't eat the purees anymore, but this really was such an easy method, I would highly recommend it!

Crockpot Baby food17

Best Ever Chocolate Banana Bread – yumyumyum is all I have to say!

Chocolate Banana Bread29

Little Girl Flower Headband - this is one of my favorite styles of headbands I have made for my little girl. She won't keep a headband on to save her life now, but hopefully I can put these on some cute hair clips soon and she'll leave them. 

Flower headband10

There you go, the top 10 posts from 2014. I hope your 2015 is everything you want it to be! I know I’ve got goal and plans and dreams for what I want our New Year to be, I will be working hard to get there and am so grateful for each and everyone of you – my readers for supporting this lil blog of mine!
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