Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Baby Food in a Crockpot

Crockpot Baby food17
I love this age that Cadence is at right now. She’s army crawling around the house, exploring everything she can, and starting to eat new foods. I do enjoy making food for her and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. When I was making baby food for Ben, I experimented with cooking sweet potatoes in a crockpot and it worked out really well. Check out the original post HERE. Anyway, I had an idea to make multiple foods at once and see how that would work.

I lined the crockpot with tin foil. I find it is really hard to clean if you don’t line it.

Crockpot Baby food2

I peeled and cut the sweet potatoes and put them in the bottom (in the future I’d put them on top)

Crockpot Baby food7

I put another sheet of foil on top then put apples on top of that. So I would reverse this because the apples have a higher water content so the liquid pooled at the bottom.

Crockpot Baby food9

Put it on high for about 3 hours until the fruits or veggies are tender.

To puree the apples I scooped the flesh out of the skin and put it in a blender with a little of the liquid that pooled at the bottom. Blend until smooth, may need to add more water.

For the sweet potatoes, I did similarly. Put them in the food processor (because I was lazy and didn’t want to wash the blender, ha!) Add filtered water and blend until smooth. I use this pitcher because it is the only one to filter out lead!

Crockpot Baby food11

Then you just divide them into your containers. Fruits and veggies that have a high water content (apples, pears, zucchini, etc) will make fewer portions since you won’t need to add water. I think I did like 4 apples and 2 sweet potatoes this round…I had a question about where I got my storage containers. These are from Babies R Us and there are a bunch of other great options on Amazon as well.

Crockpot Baby food16

Later in the week I made some more apples and a bag of carrots.

2014-04-28 07.37.25
 Do you enjoy making baby food? What is your or your baby's favorite? If you'd like more baby food recipes, check out these posts...HERE


  1. My daughter just started eating solids, and we're still finding out her favorite foods. Gave her too many bananas first and kinda stopped her up. I take a lot of table foods and grind them up. I never thought of using the crock pot though. Great idea and super easy!

    1. It really does make it easy. I tend to get pulled out of the kitchen (by two crazy boys) when I try and cook so using the crockpot just helps me not burn the food or burn down the house. haha. Thanks for coming by and commenting April!

  2. We made all of our youngest son's baby food. He wouldn't touch the store bought jar stuff. I wish I would of thought to do it in the crock pot though! Great idea! I will bring this up when we have more grand babies to feed.

  3. I love this idea, My little one is super picky and I think she would like this..found you on the link up

  4. We always made baby food for ours! If I didn't want to eat the baby food in a jar because it smelled, I certainly didn't want to feed it to the baby!

  5. Love this! I'm expecting in October, so my mind is turning to all things baby. I've never made my own baby food, but I'd love to try it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing at the Say G'day Saturday linky party. I just pinned your post to the Say G'Day Saturday Board.

    Best wishes and hope you can join in again this weekend.
    Natasha in Oz


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