Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Reupholstered Glider

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker37
Can I just say this week has been crazy! My husband has been away for work for 2 weeks. Now I know that's nothing compared to those of you who have loved ones deployed, but this is the longest I've been away from my husband since we got married. Plus with 3 kids, it's been even harder! Anyway, the fact that I got anything done was nothing short of a miracle, on with the tutorial!

Have you ever come across a fabric that you just couldn't pass up even though you don’t have specific plans for it? Good, I’m not alone. I’ve had this fabric from Ikea for a couple years, since we lived in Utah actually. Well thank goodness for little girls because now I’ve found a use. (affiliate link - you can find it online HERE )

The glider in her room used to look like this.

Totally nice, but the fabric had started to rip and there were a few stains.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker5

Now, I’m no expert, but here is how I recovered the glider cushions with the cute fabric.
I laid out the fabric and placed the cushion on it and cut the fabric. I laid the fabric with the fold at the top of the cushion so there wouldn’t be a seam along the top.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker

Don’t forget your adorable sewing assistant. :)

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker3

Next turn the fabric inside out over the cushion.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker7

Start pinning pretty snugly around the cushion, leaving the bottom open.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker9
Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker13

Then fold the cushion and remove it from the fabric. Sew along the line, removing the pins before you get to them.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker15

Once sewing is done, turn fabric right side out and put it back over the cushion. Fold the fabric at the bottom in and pin together.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker17
Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker18

Then sew along the bottom of the cushion.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker19

Repeat the same steps for the seat cushion.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker20

For the gliding ottoman, turn over and remove the screws to separate the base from the padded part.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker2

Lay the top out on the fabric.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker23

With a staple gun, begin stapling one side, beginning in the middle, topping a couple inches from each corner. When one side is done do the side exactly opposite and pull snug before stapling .

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker26

For the corners, pull the fabric together and up,

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker28

fold down

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker29

and bring the excess together with the other fabric. Staple.

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker30
Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker31

Turn the top over and reattach the screws to connect it to the bottom part and you’re DONE!

Do It Yourself Recover Glider Rocker36

I’m playing around with the idea of painting the wood white, but all the other furniture in the room is this same blonde color.

What do you think? To paint or not to paint?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Little Girl Flower Headband

Flower headband10

Earlier this month I was invited to a friend’s baby shower. I had found this super cute onesie for her little girl and wanted a headband to match.
Flower Headband13

I found the original instructions HERE

Start by cutting five circles about the size of a quarter.

Flower headband

Fold the circles in half and run a needle through the bottom

Flower Headband11

and repeat with all the circles.

Flower Headband12

Pull the thread all the way through and adjust the petals to look how you would like and tie it off. I added a small circle of orange to the center of my circle to match the onesie even more.

Flower headband4

Finally, cut some stretchy elastic to 13” and hot glue the ends together. Glue the flower to the elastic and if you would like, glue some felt to the underside of the elastic.

Flower headband5

I’d say it turned out pretty good and matches really well! The best part? Her little girl was born on my birthday! We’re birthday buddies!! Smile

flower headband14

What is your favorite thing to make for a mama-to-be?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Bathtub Tray

DIY Bathtub Tray20
Every year I have a huge dilemma – what do I get my dad for Christmas? Actually I struggle with gifts for most everyone because I want it to be something the person wants and will be useful.

This year I made him something I felt he would use – my mom’s idea actually. See, my dad has a claw foot tub and he takes bath ALL the time.

I took a pallet and cut it down in between the cross pieces.
DIY Bathtub Tray22

Then cut down the 2x4 down to the width of the tub. I nailed it all together with finish nails and sanded it like crazy.
DIY Bathtub Tray19

Finally I put a coat of stain on. It sits pretty well on top of the tub. I imagine my dad with use it to watch movies, sip hot chocolate, and eat pie. Seriously, he loves his baths!DIY Bathtub Tray21

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Compost Bins and Composting Tips

DIY Compost Bins
For Christmas, we gave the boys a Curious George DVD and they love it. One of the episodes is about composting and it got me thinking, I throw out so much stuff that can be composted, why don’t I start one. I know most of you aren't even close to thinking about spring and planting yet, but here in southern Nevada it has been a very mild winter.

So I grabbed some plastic bins, I had previously used these for planter boxes in our previous home when I wasn't ready to set down a garden bed.

2013-12-31 11.12.35

Drill holes in all the sides of the box and lid
2013-12-31 11.13.47

Fill with dirt and leaves.
2013-12-31 11.18.24

Then add your compost items; fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, lint, egg carton.  Wet all the contents and stir to cover with dirt

2013-12-31 11.26.55

Put the lid on and let it do it’s magic.
2013-12-31 11.33.30

Here are some other tips to help you get started:

Mix, Mash, Moisten, and Move
-MIX as many different plant based ingredients as you have.
-MASH: the smaller the pieces are the faster it will break down, so you may want to chop everything into smaller pieces.
-MOISTEN: you want it just right, not too dry and not too wet, just moist.
-MOVE: The more often you turn the contents, the faster it will be ready
     -If you want it ready in two weeks, turn daily
     -if you want it ready in three months, turn weekly
     -if you want it ready in a year, turn monthly
Good items include:  fruits, eggs shells, dead leaves, grass clippings, shredded cardboard or newspaper, dryer lint, hair, and vacuum dust/debris.
Limited amounts: saw dust, pine needles, coffee grounds, and hedge trimmings
NO: animals parts, seeds and fruit pits, dairy products, anything treated with pesticides, pet waste, or grease
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