Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Compost Bins and Composting Tips

DIY Compost Bins
For Christmas, we gave the boys a Curious George DVD and they love it. One of the episodes is about composting and it got me thinking, I throw out so much stuff that can be composted, why don’t I start one. I know most of you aren't even close to thinking about spring and planting yet, but here in southern Nevada it has been a very mild winter.

So I grabbed some plastic bins, I had previously used these for planter boxes in our previous home when I wasn't ready to set down a garden bed.

2013-12-31 11.12.35

Drill holes in all the sides of the box and lid
2013-12-31 11.13.47

Fill with dirt and leaves.
2013-12-31 11.18.24

Then add your compost items; fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, lint, egg carton.  Wet all the contents and stir to cover with dirt

2013-12-31 11.26.55

Put the lid on and let it do it’s magic.
2013-12-31 11.33.30

Here are some other tips to help you get started:

Mix, Mash, Moisten, and Move
-MIX as many different plant based ingredients as you have.
-MASH: the smaller the pieces are the faster it will break down, so you may want to chop everything into smaller pieces.
-MOISTEN: you want it just right, not too dry and not too wet, just moist.
-MOVE: The more often you turn the contents, the faster it will be ready
     -If you want it ready in two weeks, turn daily
     -if you want it ready in three months, turn weekly
     -if you want it ready in a year, turn monthly
Good items include:  fruits, eggs shells, dead leaves, grass clippings, shredded cardboard or newspaper, dryer lint, hair, and vacuum dust/debris.
Limited amounts: saw dust, pine needles, coffee grounds, and hedge trimmings
NO: animals parts, seeds and fruit pits, dairy products, anything treated with pesticides, pet waste, or grease


  1. We use compost- as much as we can make.........need to get it started again - no one likes to take it out in the winter. :) Thank you for posting this. Gentle Joy

    1. lol I know the feeling and it's not even that cold here. I just put it off. Thanks for coming by, have a wonderful week!

  2. Hurry for recycling! Love it! I throw my veggies straight onto/into the soil where my plants are, because I believe all my DIY should be easy, including my planting. Yep, straight onto that veggy or flower bed. I saw a friend of mine do this, now decades ago. So I started experimenting as well. It appears to be working for me so far. Not sure about nutritional values of this vs. that method of composting, but I am sure it all helps and it is nice to know that your organic potato peels are working hard to create even more organic crop


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