Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Baby Gate

DIY Baby Gate8-2
Our little girl is well into the mobility phase. She is an army crawler – partly because she is just so desperate to keep up with her brothers she hasn’t learned to knee crawl and partly because she likes to grab something in each hand and chew on it periodically as she moves about. Even being an army crawler she’s pretty fast.
I set up our baby gate a while back to have security if I needed to run downstairs to answer the door or anything and needed to leave her upstairs. Our gate that we had was fine and all, but the opening is pretty narrow and got to be a pain when going through with laundry or a flailing/screaming 2 year old.
DIY Baby Gate4

This gate is wonderful because I can open it and it is completely out of the way and against the wall. I actually tried a version of this when we first moved into this house but it was flimsy and didn’t turn out as I hoped. This version however, is perfect!
DIY Baby Gate14

and apparently pretty tasty!
DIY Baby Gate19

The components are very simple, unfortunately I didn’t take step by step pictures because I mostly got to work on it in the garage (poor lighting) during naptime or after the kids were in bed, but here is a run down…

The main components are an old crib rail,1x4”s, and a gate latch. The crib rail I found in the trash a couple years ago and has had a few lives. Basically you just cut the 1x4”s to be a frame for the crib rail and nail together with finish nails. If you’d like, you can fill the seams with wood filler, let dry, then sand.
DIY Baby Gate

Then just paint it the color you’d like. I had several paint samples laying around so I used up a can coating it in a nice gray. Once the paint is dry, attach the hinges to the gate, then have someone help you to hang it on the wall. With as heavy as this is, a stud if pretty much require. You wouldn’t want this ripping out of the wall! Finally, attach the gate latch.
DIY Baby Gate8

I used a left over piece of 1x4” behind the latch to make sure it met the gate before it hit and damaged our wall.
DIY Baby Gate25

There you go…a sturdy baby gate that can be opened completely and it’s easy for my 4 year old to open. My two year old isn’t able to open it when coming up the stairs and I think I like that…haha. I can keep him from sneaking upstairs while I’m making dinner and dumping every since puzzle on the floor Smile with tongue out.
DIY Baby Gate10

I love how it turned out and it only cost me about $6 because I had everything but the 1x4”s on hand.

What kind of baby gate do you use? Are you able to get through it pretty easy?

Have a great weekend!
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