Monday, January 23, 2017

Fleece Carseat Poncho

Winter is here again! Nothing like negative daytime highs to say "Welcome to the Midwest!" Not so pleasant for school drop off and pick up or running errands.

I originally made this poncho for D who is 18 months, but he wasn't too fond of it and his sister was happy to adopt it!

The poncho is perfect to cover up while the car warms up...

 and doesn't interfere with the seatbelt like a puffy winter coat would.

Here's how I went about it. I started with my fabric, I think I had about 1.5 or 2 yards. Basically just measure your child from their shoulders to where you want it reach on them.

I used my measuring stick to draw the circle. I used a pen to hold it in the center, then held a sharpie at the measurement I wanted and drew around in a circle. Kinda like a giant compass. (I now realize, after the fact of course, that if you were to fold your fabric in quarters, you could do the same thing in less time.)

yay, an almost perfect circle!

Then I folded the circle in quarters to determine the neck hole.

I laid a shirt on top to give a better estimate. I didn't match it up exactly, I pulled it up a bit and it worked out great. You could also measure the largest part of your kid's head to determine the size of the whole as well.

testing it out...he looks so happy, but that didn't last long.

I made my poncho double layered, because, well...negative temperatures exist in this crazy new place we live!!!! lol I had some fleece that needed to be used up so I sewed those two pieces together to make the bottom layer. I just used the stars fabric as a pattern and cut it out.

For the hood, I again used something that already fit, traced around it giving plenty of room for seams and general room to grow, because boy do these little humans grow fast!

Did the same with the outer fabric. So you have two hood pieces, one in the inner fabric, one in the outer. Then with right sides together, I put the inner fabric inside the outer and sewed around the face part of the hood.

Flip it right sides out.

Then you're ready to attach it to the body of the poncho. I tucked the hood fabric in between the two layers of the poncho.
At first I sewed it like this, with the hood only coming to the halfway point on each side of the poncho. But it looked super awkward and isn't how real hoods are so I removed it and reworked it.

My daughter loves the poncho and always asks for it. It is so nice not to have to put on and take off jackets when we're running errands or taking brothers to school! She also really really loves to twirl in it! :D  AND her big brothers both asked for ponchos for Christmas and I went about it a different way, so stay tuned for that!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope you all had an amazing time this holiday season!

It is swiftly coming to a close, some of you may have even already returned to work or sent your kids back to school. My son has the rest of this week, so we have a little more time to play and relax (and do chores! mwhahaha!)

Overall, it's been great to have some 'downtime'. No running to and from school or activities, but I'm excited to have a routine back too. We thrive better with a bit more routine. I've got a couple posts and projects in the queue that I'm hoping to get up soon. But definitely going to enjoy the last little bit of our together time.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Avocado, Egg, and Bacon Toast

I'm not much of a breakfast person. Mostly, I don't like having to make something in the morning and most quick and easy things are full of sugar or tons of grease!

Confession: In high school, I attended an early morning Bible study class and I had to get up at 5:30 AM!! Needless to say, I was never very much in the mood to eat before I had to leave the house at that early hour, so for a while, I would take a Slim Fast shake with me 😝. I didn't know then what I know now and how much artificial junk they have in them. But anyway, just illustrates my not being a breakfast person.

Fast forward to today and I understand how important breakfast is and how starting your day with protein and a healthy fat is important for sustained energy, mood, and clarity of mind. So I know I need to have something good, but I don't want to take the time. #thestruggleisreal ;) But this is fairly quick and totally filling!

This is totally an un-recipe, but it was so good I had to share the idea.

Start with a piece of whole wheat bread and toast it. Smash a couple slices of avocado on it.

Add some piees of cooked turkey back, trimmed to fit the size of the bread.

Fry an egg and add to the top of the pile. Season with salt and pepper.

Lastly, enjoy!
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