Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Man Tie

My best friend is getting married next summer so when I came across a tie that match her colors perfectly - I just couldn't pass it up (plus it was only $3).

 I decided to sew it down into a tie for the little man. I used this tutorial for making a man's tie into a boy's. Here it is sized down.

Instead of doing as the tutorial and using elastic, I wanted something a bit more significant and sturdy. I used this tie as an example for the part around the neck.

I started by using this spare fabric from the middle of the tie.

Laid it out and measured how much to cut. I cut it about an inch longer than the purple tie to allow for seams and so he could grow into it and wear it longer.

Opened it down the middle by removing these stitches.

Removed the white innards.

I cut the innards in half at first, but ended up taking it down a bit more later. I decided I wanted to keep this inside the tie to make the neck strap really strong. I played around with what it would be like without this and it didn't feel like it would stand up to the abuse a 2 year old boy might put it though.

Cut the tie fabric about in half.

Ironed it flat to prep it for sewing.

I sewed the tie fabric right sides together (with the innards set on top) into a tube. After turning it right sides out, I finished it by top stitching and closing the tube on the end. It was a bit difficult to turn it inside out with the white stuff in there too, but it worked out.

Finally, I just sewed on some velcro. I made the piece extra long so it can adjust to fit for quite a while.

To attach it to the tie I just hand stitched the strap to the back of the knot.

I was so excited when I finished I had to go try it on my model right away. Only thing was he was asleep. :D I tried putting it on him while he slept but it ended up waking him - oops- but he was a good sport and even tried to give me a
Love this cutie!

He did much better at smiling on Sunday before sporting his new tie to church. Boy is he getting so big - he's going to be a big brother soon!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bring on Fall!

I can't wait for fall; cooler weather, pumpkin baked in everything, and not being pregnant anymore! :D Only 5 weeks left!

We got a sneak peak this weekend, it was only in the 80's. Yay!

On to the crafting....

Remember this Easter craft? Well I've taken it and made a fall version. 

I found the leaves and pumpkins at the dollar store. shocker, right? 

 I glued the leaves back to back with a little hot glue. 

Then glued ribbon in between the two leaves and a loop of ribbon on the pumpkins and gourds. 

 I actually changed the branches from the Easter egg tree when the live ones died.

Since we're living in a house this year and not an apartment, we might actually get kids trick-or-treating! I'm excited for that and a porch to decorate. I already found a few pumpkin decorations at a garage sale. Stay tuned for how it turns out and other cute decor ideas I already have cooking.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dry Erase Calendar

Just about a week ago I hosted the craft club at my house. I showed them a bunch of little organizational tips and found some more online. Then I demoed this dry erase calendar. There are many examples out there and this is just my version of all that I've seen.

I stared with a poster frame. It was inexpensive and on sale at Joann's so I picked one up, I like it was $6. I wrapped the backing in wrapping paper and taped it to the back side.

Then I created a calendar grid in Microsoft Publisher. I've seen examples where the grid is drawn directly on to the glass, but I'm not fully committed to this frame - if I come across a nicer one at a garage sale or goodwill I can still move it to another frame.

Since I chose a dark paper, I had to insert some white paper where I can write the month and a piece at the bottom to write notes.

It fits perfectly on this little nook wall on the way out to the garage and up the stairs. My husband likes that I don't need to ask him if he needs anything at the store. He just writes it at the bottom and I add it to my list.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organizing Impulses

I'll blame it on the nesting instinct, but boy have I been on an organizing streak. A little here a little there. The other day was my bathroom and closet.

I started with the bathroom drawers. I had just been to the dollar store and found some nifty drawer organizers.

Here are our drawers before:

My husband has taken up running and has a ton of these energy things for long distances, but they have taken over.

Start by taking everything out of the drawer and going through it. I think this is a crucial step in almost any organizing project. I found that a bunch of the things in my drawer could be more at home elsewhere. A good cleaning was in order too, especially for my husband's drawer. There was tons of debris from his electric razor, yuck.
I actually found some velcro at the dollar store too and it is super sticky! That saved a bunch on this project, velcro can be pricy!

Then I put everything back in an organizer and as an added bonus, a spot of velcro on the bottom so they don't slide around the drawers.
Much better!
I also attacked my closet and drawers, but I'm not sure I'm ready to share my underwear drawers on the internet. I started on the nursery yesterday by taking out some of Andrew's old clothes out of boxes and washing them. I assembled the crib and I'm just getting things in order. It feels so much better to know that at the very least I've got a bed and clothes for this little baby should he/she decide to come early (but not too early!).

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