Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Man Tie

My best friend is getting married next summer so when I came across a tie that match her colors perfectly - I just couldn't pass it up (plus it was only $3).

 I decided to sew it down into a tie for the little man. I used this tutorial for making a man's tie into a boy's. Here it is sized down.

Instead of doing as the tutorial and using elastic, I wanted something a bit more significant and sturdy. I used this tie as an example for the part around the neck.

I started by using this spare fabric from the middle of the tie.

Laid it out and measured how much to cut. I cut it about an inch longer than the purple tie to allow for seams and so he could grow into it and wear it longer.

Opened it down the middle by removing these stitches.

Removed the white innards.

I cut the innards in half at first, but ended up taking it down a bit more later. I decided I wanted to keep this inside the tie to make the neck strap really strong. I played around with what it would be like without this and it didn't feel like it would stand up to the abuse a 2 year old boy might put it though.

Cut the tie fabric about in half.

Ironed it flat to prep it for sewing.

I sewed the tie fabric right sides together (with the innards set on top) into a tube. After turning it right sides out, I finished it by top stitching and closing the tube on the end. It was a bit difficult to turn it inside out with the white stuff in there too, but it worked out.

Finally, I just sewed on some velcro. I made the piece extra long so it can adjust to fit for quite a while.

To attach it to the tie I just hand stitched the strap to the back of the knot.

I was so excited when I finished I had to go try it on my model right away. Only thing was he was asleep. :D I tried putting it on him while he slept but it ended up waking him - oops- but he was a good sport and even tried to give me a
Love this cutie!

He did much better at smiling on Sunday before sporting his new tie to church. Boy is he getting so big - he's going to be a big brother soon!!


  1. That is adorable! I love little boys in ties! Thanks for sharing it through TT&J.

  2. What a cute smile on that little guy!

  3. Awesome idea! I wish I had a little boy now.

  4. Hi, Alex! I'm Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! and I did the original tute for this project. I love your velcro closure and have added a link to this tutorial as an alternative idea to the elastic. Thanks for sharing :)


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