Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bookcase Makeover with Photowall Wallpaper

As you may or may not know, we moved about a year ago. It was only about a mile move within the same community, but the new house is definitely in need of some love and paint to bring it out of the 1990's. There are so many things I love about this house but the paint colors and the 4-5 different woods tones throughout are not on that list. 

These gorgeous bookshelves in our family room had an orange tone that didn't sit well with me and didn't match any of the other woods around the house. So I knew I was going to paint it. I was super excited with Photowall reached out to me to see if I'd like to try their wallpaper. I knew I wanted to incorporate some into our house and I felt like these bookshelves (there is a matching one on the other side of the fireplace) were just the place to start for a first time wallpapering project!

Here is the before of the bookcase 

Photowall is a company based in Sweden that started in 2006. It was the ides of two brothers who realized the selection of personalized wall art of rather limited. So they decided to print their own! What's even better about Photowall is that they care about the environment! Each wallpaper or wall mural is printed to order so there isn't unsold inventory sitting around or discarded unnecessarily! They also use environmentally friendly ink and they work with other organizations to plant thousands of trees each year! 

I was so impressed with Photowall's product, but even before that I was blown away at the amount of choices!

Click over to their site to check out more of their wall murals and wallpaper prints! They also have canvas prints and posters.

It was tough to narrow it down, but ultimately went with a print called 'Feathers - blue'.  So once I ordered I figured it would take a while since it was coming from Sweden and all, but it was fast! I think in total it only took a week for them to print the wallpaper and for it to arrive at my house!

The great thing about Photowall is that you measure your space or wall or whatever you're wallpapering and they print the paper to your dimensions. They recommend you add a few inches on each side to be safe but otherwise it's all exact. It comes in one big roll and you cut the strips apart and apply them in order - they're numbered to help with that!

For my first experience wallpapering, I would say it was pretty easy! I did like having my husband as a second pair of hands to hold the paper at the bottom, while I aligned and smoothed the paper starting at the top. I would definitely do this again, in fact, I'm thinking of all the other cool wallpapers I loved and where I can put them next!

 I love how it all turned out! I love the white that just totally transformed the bookcase, but the wall paper is that extra wow!

Now to paint the wall, and the trim, and the mantel...etc etc etc. Never ending. haha. #HomeTakesTime

Hop on over to Photowall's site and tell me some of your favorite prints! I'd love to hear what they are and where you would use them!
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