Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clean and Disinfect Kid’s Toys (without toxic bleach)

Safely Clean and Disinfect Kid's Toys 9-2
So I’ve totally been on a spring cleaning kick lately. The end of last week I spent shampooing my carpets (I’m in heaven!) and I’ve had the hankering to do all the odds and edds. Like clean the crumbs out of my kitchen drawers, cleaning behind the fridge, and cleaning window tracks!
Well I wanted to clean all the kids toys and wanted to do it pretty quickly. Bleach/lysol are not allowed in my house anymore. They are just too toxic…

So here’s what I did. I started running the bathtub and poured in some Basic G, probably a couple teaspoons.
Safely Clean and Disinfect Kid's Toys 4
Then I dumped in all the water safe toys. You know the plastic Duplos, kitchen play toys, matchbox cars, and even the wood stuff. But they only went in and out quickly. Don’t put anything in there with batteries or holes that water can get in and possibly never get back out again.
Safely Clean and Disinfect Kid's Toys 9
Then just pulled them out and dry them off. Andrew was a good helper with the drying.
Safely Clean and Disinfect Kid's Toys 12
The rest of the toys got sprayed and wiped down. This was also a great chance to go through the toys, I threw away anything broken or cheap, pulled out things to donate, and returned the rest to their proper place.
It felt so good to have clean toys and a clean toy room. And then this happened a couple days ago…
2014-04-26 12.59.44
Oh well, at least the toys and carpets are clean.
I’ve got a bunch more organizing and cleaning I want to do so stay tuned!Interested in learning more about my non-toxic cleaners...check out my website HERE , email me if you have any questions!
What’s on your spring cleaning list?


  1. Great post! I don't like using bleach on kids stuff so this is a great alternative!

    I just printed a spring cleaning list so I need to get started now!

    1. Happy spring cleaning! How is it going? I need a list to follow, I keep meaning to make one, but haven't yet.

  2. I love a clean house and all the stuff in it! thanks for sharing your no bleach alternative!

    1. You're welcome Debi, I too love a clean house especially with little kids and a baby who still puts stuff in her mouth!

  3. I have been looking for non-toxic cleaners! I am hopping over to read about basic G now!

  4. Fabulous post, Great tips and advice. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  5. I love this! Thanks for linking up to the Block Party

  6. How do you get the water out of the toys it gets up in?

  7. I made sure I only did this with toys that would be easy to get the water out of. I shook them out and let them dry on a towel and just wiped down any leftover water.


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