Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Puffy Felt Flower Headband

Blooming Flower Headband
I can’t believe my little girl has been around for 7 months already and I haven’t done much crafting for her. I noticed she didn’t have any purple headbands in her collection so I whipped one up to go with this cute dress. I first saw this method for making fabric flowers several years ago at Blue Cricket Design, I love it and it’s the only thing I’ve ever used these cookie cutters for…haha!

I picked out these three sizes, the second smallest and the next two up.

Cut out 4 of each size

Then take the flowers and fold them in half, I didn’t line up the edges.

Then fold in half again and put a dot of glue inside to hold it closed.

Glue them down to another piece of felt.

Fold the next sizes the same way, glue on top, and lay it over the fold of the previous layer.

Continue with the third layer.

Attach to some elastic and glue some felt underneath.

I think she likes it Smile - what she doesn't like is getting teeth. They just hit her this week and my sweet little girl is not a happy camper.

Puffy Felt Flower Headband23


  1. this is SOOO cute! We are getting a foster daughter next week and I'm already dreaming of girly things like making headbands ;o) Emily

    1. How wonderful, Emily. I hope things are going well! Have fun making her headbands!

  2. This little girl is quite possibly the cutest little thing ever!! The headband is adorable, and looks totally make-able. I think that even I can pull it off. Pinned it for later :) But if you have a moment, I would LOVE for you to link this to my weekly beauty party!! Please and Thank You!!!

    1. Thank you so much for linking up!! I hope that you will link up again on Monday!!


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