Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dry Erase Calendar

Just about a week ago I hosted the craft club at my house. I showed them a bunch of little organizational tips and found some more online. Then I demoed this dry erase calendar. There are many examples out there and this is just my version of all that I've seen.

I stared with a poster frame. It was inexpensive and on sale at Joann's so I picked one up, I like it was $6. I wrapped the backing in wrapping paper and taped it to the back side.

Then I created a calendar grid in Microsoft Publisher. I've seen examples where the grid is drawn directly on to the glass, but I'm not fully committed to this frame - if I come across a nicer one at a garage sale or goodwill I can still move it to another frame.

Since I chose a dark paper, I had to insert some white paper where I can write the month and a piece at the bottom to write notes.

It fits perfectly on this little nook wall on the way out to the garage and up the stairs. My husband likes that I don't need to ask him if he needs anything at the store. He just writes it at the bottom and I add it to my list.

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