Monday, December 23, 2013

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

pallet wood Christmas tree
Hey wonderful readers, I hope you had a great weekend! I’m just popping in quickly to share this craft with you I just did with a friend on Friday.

It was really simple and cost $0! Plus I used up some pallet wood that was taking up space in my garage! So here’s how you do it. First dismantle your pallet and cut down the wood. Here are the measurements that we used.
pallet wood Christmas tree11-2
After you get it all cut down to size you can either free hand the words on, use a cutting machine to make a stencil or just use vinyl, or you can print the words out. That’s what my friend and I did. Print the words out on a regular ink jet printer. Turn the paper over and rub chalk on the back then place the paper on the wood and rub each letter with an embossing tool. This causes the chalk to transfer to the wood. Then you just paint over it.

To assemble, use nails or screws from the back. I used 1” nails because that’s what I had on hand and worked great.

It was super easy and fun to do while hanging out and talking with a friend. I left my tree tall, but you could also cut it down and hang it on the wall or it could be a yard sign. I put mine right by my front door and I love it!
pallet wood Christmas tree5

I hope you all have a happy, safe, and Merry Christmas! I’ll be back afterward with a great breakfast recipe and some other projects!

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