Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Nursing Cami

DIY Nursing Cami16-2
I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like I have 3 different wardrobes; normal, pregnancy, and nursing. Nursing seems to be the hardest for me to find functional tops. This time with two little boys running around, I like to have my back/belly covered because I never know when I’m going to have to get up and help or chase a little boy. Winking smile So I’ve found I really love wearing a cami under shirts so I’m always covered but the one I’ve been using has gotten stretched out pulling it down to access the goods.

I looked at getting a nursing tank, but they were pricey, like $30! What?! Plus I like my tank tops to come up a little higher than the ones I was seeing. My favorite ones are from DownEast Basics and Shade. Over the summer Shade was going out of business Sad smile so I snapped up a couple camis. So here’s what I did to make it accessible for baby.

DIY Nursing Cami2

Cut the straps about a 1/4” from the neckline
DIY Nursing Cami4

Then grab some snaps
DIY Nursing Cami6

With a needle and thread, simply sew the snaps on. The ‘female’ side goes on the front of the neckline hem, and the ‘male’ side goes on the backside of the strap.

DIY Nursing Cami7

I love how it turned out and it works so well! I’m able to wear it under V-neck tees and dresses and can easily access everything without stretching out a shirt or having to lift the cami up. I’ve made a couple of these so I’ve always got one to wear. The great thing is I can still wear this when I’m not nursing.

DIY Nursing Cami16

What are your favorite nursing essentials?


  1. Ooo, something I can do! But I hate layering. I've resorted to shirts with elastic necklines since they're easiest to nurse in while using a cover in public. I would love to get a nursing dress though because I hate always having to wear a shirt and skirt to church, especially since I will be nursing for a while. I feel like nursing dictates my wardrobe more than pregnancy did!

  2. Do the down east tank tops have built in bras?

    1. No they don't have the built in bras.Hope that helps!


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