Monday, December 2, 2013

Little Girl’s Headband and Bow Organizer

Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer8
Having a little girl is fun! I can craft and sew for her and there are so many accessories I can put on her Smile. (Mom, you can wipe that smug grin off your face – I know, I never thought I’d be so girly haha)

At my baby shower I wanted us to make headbands instead of playing games, it was awesome and the ladies made headbands to match the outfits they picked out for Cadence. So with all these accessories comes the problem of how to store and organize them. Here’s what I came up with.
Take an oatmeal canister and shake it out really well.

Little Girls Headband and Bow Organizer1

Next you pick a fabric and measure it around the canister and cut it to length allowing a little bit to fold under.
Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer2

Hot glue the edge down. Apply ModPodge to the body of the canister and smooth the fabric down as you go. Get out any air bubbles that form.
Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer4

Tuck the top and bottom in and hot glue down.
Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer5

Let it dry and then put your cute headbands around the canister and bows on the inside.
Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer6

Litte Girls Headband and Bow Organizer7

Super easy and it really helps keep her headbands in one spot where I can find them, love it!


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