Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Painted Towel Hook Letters

So a couple weeks ago I gave you a preview of a couple projects in the works and I’m starting to get them all done.

This was a quick and easy one. These are just letter hooks from the $1 section at Michaels. They didn’t start out the colors I wanted them though.

So a little bit of primer and then the right color paint. Easy as that!

Then you just hang them. I tried to find a stud for both just because I can picture the boys pulling too hard, but I only found one. Now that I’m writing this, I actually don’t remember which one is in a stud. Hopefully I don’t find out the hard way. Oh well.

Totally simple, but one step closer to feeling like we live in this house and kinda somewhat decorating.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Diana. It's just a small and simple project, but helps to feel like things are coming together in our house. Hope you're having an awesome day!

  2. Ya gotta love simple. That is my favorite kind of project. Your hooks are adorable and I am the queen of just picking where I want something to go and banging a nail in and hoping for the best. I have not had anything Yanked off the wall yet. Knock on wood. I always keep spackling compound in my tool box for such occasions.A girl with hammer must have a tool box. Found you over at One Project at a Time. Have a great week! ~Wanda

    1. I agree, I love simple projects too. Sounds like we should be friends! We both love simple and organizing! Thanks for coming by


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