Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crockpot Black Beans

In an effort to eat healthier, I try to avoid processed canned food items. Often times these foods have huge amounts of sodium and sugar.

Here is how I make my beans. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also a ton cheaper to make them this way!
They’re about half the cost of canned beans!

Rinse them for a minute to get them thoroughly clean and remove any debris.

Let soak in the crockpot (not on) with the lid on for about 6 hours. I usually just leave them overnight to make it easy.

Drain and remove the broken and cracked beans


Place the beans back in the crockpot and fill again with enough water to cover by 2-3 inches. Cook for about 8 hours on LOW until the beans are tender.

Drain and rinse
I didn’t take pictures of this, but then portion the beans into containers or freezer bags. I usually use freezer bags and just keep reusing them. I usually do about 1 1/3 cups of beans for one can equivalent.

So, ya, that’s it. It’s super easy, doesn’t take any skill besides remembering to turn the crockpot on. Which I guess can be hard sometimes, since I’ve forgotten it plenty of times. haha.

There you go – easy, cheap, and healthier beans so you can move away from the can. Smile


  1. I grew up eating beans from scratch and the can, and I decided from scratch was too much work. But we've been wanting to use our crockpot more lately so I might give this a try. I LOVE black beans!

    1. Yeah give it a try. They taste so much better to me and since its the crockpot they're so easy. I hate opening cans anyways. haha

  2. THIS IS AMAZING! I have always tired to find a way to cook the black beans evenly I can't wait to try this. LIKE TODAY! Thanks for posting! Saw you at High Heels and Grills- Feel free to stop by at any time- xo Brook

    1. Tell me how you like them. I actually prefer them to canned beans. No more of that syrup-y gunk to rinse off. Thanks for coming by!

  3. I have never tried to cook with dried beans! I am going to pin this for later!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the pin. I hope you like how they turn out.

  4. This is definitely something I need to be doing! I love beans, but I'm just so lazy to make them myself! Buying dried ones usually ends up considerably cheaper too! Thanks for the idea - I'm pinning this one!

    1. I know what you mean, until I found how to do them in a crockpot I was way too lazy to do them myself. But this I can do and they are much cheaper! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Such a good idea to use a crockpot for beans! I have to try this ;) Thanks so much for linking up to Give Me The Goods Monday. Hope to see you again this coming Monday.
    Jamie @


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