Monday, July 2, 2012

Onesie Bouquet

Do you ever get bored of giving gifts in the same way; bag or box? 

Don't get me wrong, a gift is kind and generous no matter what shape it comes in, but I sometimes get bored of putting it in a bag. So I was thinking with my friend's baby shower coming up how am I going to do this different. I started thinking along the line of diaper/onesie cake, but that was going to be a ton of onesies. So I played around with rolling them up and noticed that they looked like flowers - if you used your imagination :-D. 

Here's what I did (please excuse the horrible pictures - about 90% of my crafting takes place at night so bear with me)

Start with a onesie - any size.

Simply fold the edges of the onesie in and then fold in half. 


Roll from the bottom end toward the neck. I tied with a small bit of yarn, but you can also use rubber bands.

Then I took these little dowels and used them as the stems

To complete the bouquet I used some fake flowers, leaves, and a basket from the dollar store.

I did get one receiving blanket and put that in the bottom to hold the dowels. 

It was a huge hit at the shower and my friend loved it. Give it a try next time you're invited to a baby shower! You could also use things like bibs, wash cloths, burp rags, etc and mix it in with clothes to give a good variety of items. 

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