Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Tie A Quilt - Universal Stitch

I'm so glad that so many of you enjoyed my t-shirt quilt tutorial. I'm very happy with how it turned out. We got hit with a nasty cold at my house so I'm just getting around to this post on how to hand finish a quilt with a universal stitch - at least that's what I was told it was called. 

So why tie a quilt this way and not with a regular old knot? Well, a knot can slip out in the wash over time and this one is not going anywhere!

So to start, thread your need with the yarn you're using and cut a good sized length. If you're tying your quilt in all the same color, go ahead and use a really long length and don't bother cutting between each tie. Just pull the yarn to the end for the first tie and keep going from there.

Begin on the top and go through all layer of the quilt to the bottom.

Now come through all the layer back to the top. Nice and easy so far.

Now it's a little tricky to explain, but hopefully the pictures will help.

Go through the top half only, beginning next to the first hole

and come up next to the second hole.

Pull your yarn all the way through 

when you're all done you can clip them all to the same length and you're done!

I used different colors of yarn depending on where the tie was.

There you go, the universal stitch for hand tying a quilt. Hope I was able to explain it clearly, enjoy!

Happy Monday! 

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