Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recent Thrift Finds

So I do have a project in the works and its almost done. I need to get some twill tape to finish off the edges and then I'll share it with you. For now I wanted to share some recent (and some older) thrift finds.
This one is from a while back. We went to OKC to visit family and stopped by a Goodwill while we were there. Of all the names to have printed on clothes in GW our son's name. Well the shortened version. His full name is Andrew, but we call him Drew all the time. To make this find even better it was only $2! I'm glad I refound it in his closet before it's too small.

For a while now I've been looking for a king size sheet for a project I want to do, but I don't have the budget to buy it brand new. I've seen a couple here and there in GW but the prints were nasty! Finally on a quick trip to GW two weeks ago or so I come across this red sheet with darker red circles - perfect for the project I have in mind. The price tag says $6.99 - not bad, but also not as cheap as I would have liked, but its perfect and I just gotta have it. As I continue walking around I hear them announce the specials and all blue tags are 75% off! Mine was a blue tag! The sheet was $1.75!!! SUPER SCORE!

The vest and tie were $4 total for a super cute church outfit in a couple months when they fit.

My most recent score was this gliding ottoman. I already have a glider for Drew's room that my husband surprised me with from a garage sale, but it didn't come with an ottoman. I was so surprised when I saw it in Deseret Industries, I pushed it once to make sure it rocked well and snatched it up super quickly! I'll definitely be recovering it and maybe staining it another color (and matching the chair to it). And how much was this sweet snag? a whopping $5!!!!!!

I love thrift stores. We're great friends!

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