Monday, July 12, 2010

Better Late Than Never - Toddler Bath Robe

Well sorry it took so long but here is my project that I did for last Thursday. I had the robe done, just didn't have the right stuff for the trim. I got the idea from Obsessively Stitching to make a toddler bath robe from dish towels. It is such a fun and cute idea that I went out to the dollar store to make my own. The only problem I had was there weren't any dish towel prints for boys. There were a few striped ones that might have been cute (although the stripes wouldn't have worked so well for this) but I could only find one! So I went over a couple isles and found two blue hand towels.

Anyway, All you need for this project is two dishtowels or hand towels and something for the trim. I decided (finally) on using some satiny ribbon in another color to add some pop. You could definitely use twill tape like the instructions say or bias tape. I liked the ribbon because I had tons of color options and the edges were finished and I didn't have to fuss with bias tape :P .

I think it kinda looks like a boxing robe or something like that, but I really like how it turned out. The little cub just needs to grow a bit to fit better.
Go check out this link for the instructions!

He's thinking, "Mom, are you done yet? I wanna play!"

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