Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pearls and Ribbon Necklace

For this necklace you will need ribbon, pearls, and a needle and thread. Its best to keep the diameter of the pearls and the width of your ribbon fairly similar so the pearls don't get lost.

I found this necklace to be a bit harder to make than it looks mostly because you have to keep it all nice and tight and thread it at the same time.

Anyway start out by cutting your ribbon to the length you want it. I did mine rather short so the little one has less of a chance of breaking it. Next tie a knot at one end of your ribbon where the pearls with start.

Thread your needle and tie a couple knots in the end of the thread. Now run the needle through the knot starting at the outside (the end of the ribbon) through toward the body of the ribbon. (did that make any sense?)

So just start beading the pearls and alternate pearls and ribbon.

Let the ribbon loop a bit around the pearls, but be sure to keep it nice and tight as you go to keep the thread concealed.

When you get to the end you may need a third hand. Hold the thread taught while tying a knot in the ribbon. Once the knot is in place, run your needle through the back and tie it off in a way that will hold it nice and tight. You may want to put a spot of glue over the knot to make sure it doesn't slip. Then trim the ends of the thread and you're done.

I really like how this necklace turned out, it just makes me nervous to wear it around my little cub. I can just see the pearls flying all over the place in church or something. So just be careful and make sure its nice and secure. I was also thinking you could use a sturdier jewelry cord to reduce the risk of it breaking.

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