Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pearls and Pillows

This week was a bit random when it came to crafting. A friend at church is organizing a craft club and asked me to help sort of lead the group this first time around. We had previously put together a list and gotten feedback about what projects the ladies would like to do. Based on that list I chose a project I felt (kinda) qualified to teach. So I got started on making a couple different necklaces. This first one my friends suggested so I don't know where she got the original inspiration from but I have seen it a bunch in stores.

I really like this look of pearls and ribbon together. The other necklace for the craft club is still in the making and then I thought I would also teach the glass bead and stocking necklace I made a while ago.

The other thing I did was just more for practice. I made two little pillows for the cub's recliner. I just made one straight simple pillow out of left over fabric that I got from my mother in law and the other pillow I was practicing making and doing piping before doing it with fabric I actually buy and for decorating my house. They both turned out just fine. The piping was actually really easy to make since my mother in law had some left over fabric she had already made into the quilt binding so all I had to do was put a cord (stolen shoe lace from husband's shoes) in it and sew the cord in. I'm going to recover/make a slip cover for this chair eventually when my budget for crafts is a bit bigger.

Inspecting the pillow...

Taste test...
He really loves to pull them off the chair and throw them on the ground. At least he's got his own now and he doesn't have to pick on the bigger ones.


  1. I'm following from Tatertots and Jello. What cute necklaces! Your son is adorable!

  2. Do you have directions for the necklaces?

  3. I sure do, I'll get those up as soon as I can. I'll finish the third necklace and put them all together.


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