Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Organizing Kid’s Clothes–Too Big/Too Small Bins

It’s almost that time of year when you start to think about spring cleaning and organizing, but my messy house is just getting on my nerves so I'm starting now! I mean really, we've lived here how long? 5 months now and I still have boxes to unpack and huge messes everywhere -driving me crazy!

So I’m setting out to organize pretty much my whole house. I’ll do a little at a time. I showed you how to organize kid’s shoes big and small.

After that I had to find a way to organize clothes, especially for my youngest who grows out of clothes quickly and also has a lot of clothes from his brother to grow into.

So I made ‘too big’ and ‘too small’ bins. Here I can put in clothes he’s outgrown as soon as I know it’s too small.

When I notice he’s starting to get low on clothes, I pull from here. And his older brother’s too small stuff comes here too.

I also made one for Andrew with the few things I have that don’t fit him yet.
It was that quick and easy.

And as an extra special bonus today, I’ll show you what I’m working on next….
2013-03-04 18.15.25
I guess he didn’t like the arrangement of the canned goods, so he took it upon himself to reorganize for me. haha

Yeah that’s my next project, going through and organizing my pantry. Always fun. ha!


  1. This is a great idea. I have a lot of too big/too small clothes in my daughter's drawer because I keep telling myself I don't have time to go through all her clothes. This is a much easier way to do it.

  2. We do something similar! Makes it so much easier to rotate things. I keep a small basket in the bottom of the big kids' closet and when it gets full I sort it into the bins in the twins' closet. I love your shoe bins! I think that is the last piece of my puzzle!

  3. Can't we all use organizing tips :) I do find I forget about the next size stuff and sometimes miss it if it's a season I'm going in to. Keeping them in the closet is a great idea!! We are starting a link up party on Thursdays (today:), and we would love for you to join us with this post and/or any others you would like to include. We are at Hope to see you there!!

  4. That is a great idea, where do you get your labels for the cloth bins? Would love to do this for the nursery closet!

  5. We do this too. Unfortunately, the biggest bins are in my closet as my weight fluctuates!

  6. I use similar bins and it makes such a difference!

    1. It does, doesn't it?! Yeah, I can't imagine what I did before this.

  7. oh! Great idea... my boys closet was all messed up. It's really helpful.

    1. Thanks Cindy, I'm glad I could help. This has really helps keep my boy's closets nice and neat.


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