Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Replace Damaged Screen

screen door collage
When we moved into this house there were many signs that the previous owner had a dog. The screen was ripped to shreds, the back door was scratched, and there were chunks of drywall missing in the garage.

So the screen door sat like this until now…
So I finally took 20 minutes and about $10 to fix the screen in preparation for's be in the 70's here so it's coming soon!!

First, take the screen off the track. For me I had 4 screws that needed to be loosened to lift the wheels out of the track.

Once removed we can take the old spline (such a fun word) and screen off.

Pry it out of the groove with a screw driver

and start peeling like after a bad sunburn. hehe I admit, I know it's bad, but I totally peel a sunburn.

You’ll need to remove the door handle as well, just two little screws, no biggie there.

Now this is a very important step – be sure to have a good helper!

Ok so this one was a little more trouble than help

but my oldest was good at holding the new screen for me while I rolled it out and cut it to size. That was the next step by the way. Smile Trim the screen down a little on the sides to fit also.

Then tape two adjacent sides to the frame and cut the corner at a 45 degree angle.

And the main event. Place new spline *hehe* in the groove of one of the non-taped (very technical, I know) sides and with the grooved end of the screen repair tool, begin to push spline Smile into the groove.

Continue around the two non-taped sides.

Remove tape and continue around the rest of the screen door frame until you finish.

Snip the end and push the end of spline down into the groove with a screw driver.

Lastly, trim the extra screen off with scissors or an utility knife and put the screen door back in the frame.
Now you’re ready for spring, nice cool weather, BBQs outside, all that wonderful stuff without bugs getting in.


  1. Same job on my ToDo list. Great clear instructions. Good sharing too, visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans.

  2. Wow, thanks for this! I've had a dog-damaged screen up on my patio door for YEARS and didn't know how to fix it, and can't afford to hire a handyman (or handywoman, hehe) to do it. Hmmm, where do you live, anywhere near Greenfield, Wisconsin???

    1. Nope, other side of the country I'm afraid. It's pretty easy, I bet you could do it!! Good luck.


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