Monday, December 3, 2012

Wood Block 'Peace' Christmas Decoration

I'm on a roll. I've gotten several projects done lately and it feels amazing! This is one of the crafts that was done at a church craft night last month, but I was in Utah that weekend so I just got around to finishing it. 

Anyway the wood blocks are from The Wood Connection. It's super easy. The sides of the wood are painted. Then you trace the letters on the backside of scrapbook paper and cut that out. 

 Then I just Mod Podged the paper onto each side. Lastly, they're covered with several coats of clear spray sealant, that way they don't stick to each other.

The 'a' or manger part is supposed to have a star on wire sticking out of it, but the star got lost somewhere between the car and my husband bringing the pieces in the house. So once I find it and get it on, I'll post another picture. 

What projects are you working on this week?

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