Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hobby Lobby Inspired Lime Green and Red Christmas Wreath

Phew, well I feel like this week has gone by super fast. I was lucky on Monday and my husband was home. I guess that's the upside to not using vacation days during the summer. He's having to use them before the end of the year so he's taking a couple for Christmas, a couple for New Years, and then some random days throughout the month. We got a bunch done out in the yard and a bunch of painting. So I'm just getting around to posting this tutorial.

Back in October, I dropped by Hobby Lobby and they just got their Christmas decorations in. I immediately fell in love with this wreath, but at $140 full price, there was no way it was coming home with me.
2012-10-27 14.22.56

So like any DIY blogger, I set out to recreate it for less.
I started with two wreaths from Walmart for $4 and $2.50.
I used the two wreaths together to make them a little fuller. I connected them by first twisting a few of the branches together
then wiring them together. We tend to get really strong wind in Vegas so I wanted to make sure they stayed together if it fell off the door.
Then I used ornament hooks to wire the ornaments onto the wreath
I bought the large ornaments on sale at Michaels for $5 and had the others on hand.
I also had these green leaves from Joann’s for $2 on Black Friday sale.
I used a little hot glue to make sure these and the red berries (Dollar Tree) stayed in place. And lastly, the Merry Christmas was from another wreath I had and reused.
Et voila! I’ll take $14 over $140 any day!
wreath collage-2
And here’s my little front porch decorations. Not much yet, but working on it. My awesome wreath and my topiary tree. I got a new pot for it and added a fourth tree stake, much better!

Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. Yay, Alex, this is GREAT. Your wreath is just as pretty as HL...maybe even prettier. I love it.
    Over from Watch Out Martha...


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