Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My New Craft Table for under $50!

I'm so excited that I've finally gotten my craft table together. I've been waiting forever for it to come together in this house. 

In our master bedroom we have this little nook where I'm sure a bed or desk was envisioned going. I had other plans for it. I initially had my sewing table here in the nook. The problem was I didn't have enough space to pin things or keep in-progress projects away from the boys. Anything and everything would land on the sewing table and then I just wouldn't be able to use my sewing machine so nothing got done.

Now I have a space to keep my unfinished projects out of my boys' reach and plenty of room to work.

I got the table top from Ikea for $10 in the As-Is section!!! This was pretty much what I'd been waiting for in putting this together. I didn't want to spend a lot and since we don't have an Ikea here I had to wait until I could go to one and had a way to get it home. I found this one in Arizona when I was visiting my family last month and my dad brought it to me last week when he came through town. 

Here's what I did. 

First I found the stud and measured to the height I wanted (I did counter height so I could stand and craft and my littles couldn't pull things off). I pushed my laser level in at this point and then used it to mark the studs around the rest of the nook.

I attached my brackets to the wall ($2/piece at Ikea)

Finally I had my husband help me place the table top on the brackets and using a small screw attached the table top to the brackets. I had to get one additional L bracket at Lowe's for the side next to the fridge. 

I found these cute storage bins on clearance at Target that go with the colors in our room and Voila! My craft table for under $50!  

I also got this magnetic knife thing at Ikea and put my scissors and cutting tools on it for easy access.

One of the baskets has all my adhesives 

this one has dyes, my old school labeler, zip ties, etc

a magnet board I made out of a dollar store tray

Ribbons, fabrics, and all the rest (and I got the orange drawers for FREE! they were just chillin' on the neighbor's curb one night...lol)

I'm so happy with my new craft desk and now I can get busy on all the projects I have tucked away.

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