Friday, December 9, 2016

Dusting off this little ole blog

Wow, life is just exciting isn't it?!
 I started to type up all the craziness that life has been over the last year or so and then figured, who cares? Everyone has their stuff, but something had to give and blogging for me was one of those things. And I have missed it terribly!

The dust has settled, for the most part, and I'm needing my creative outlet again! I miss the creativity and projects, the tribe, meeting new friends, helping and reaching readers, and I miss blog conferences (although I've only ever been to one)!

I find myself typing out posts in my head, things I want to get out there, even if no one only 5 people read it. haha 

So I guess I'm just saying, I'm coming back.

It may not be on a super regular basis, but I want to create, take pictures, and write. The picture above is the first time I've pulled out my 'big' camera in nearly a year! It felt awesome!

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