Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Little Word: Organize

So I'm sure you've seen other bloggers doing it, choosing a word to be the theme for the new year. I have tons of goal for the year, so at first I didn't think I needed a word as well, but I was wrong. As I've looked over my goals and thought about them more and more there is a definite theme - Organization

 I want to have a better schedule to my day, I want to be more prepared with my lessons each Sunday, I want to stick to the monthly budget, I want to grow my business etc, etc,etc. Basically I need to organize everything to have an awesome 2014.

So that is what I'm going to do - organize!

Organize my house
 Organize my life
Organize my time
Organize my priorities
Organize my thoughts
Organize my learning
Organize my business

I'm excited that I've boiled all my goals down to one little word, it feels so much more achievable than this list of goals on the page.

I'm also excited to be sharing my organizing journey with you and hopefully help you find more balance, peace, and satisfaction this year!

So here's to an organized 2014! Who's with me?

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