Thursday, January 31, 2013

New House Tour–The Clean Part

Did you miss the New House Tour – The Gross Part? Click here to see all the dirt! Smile

So as you remember, our carpets were gross all around this new house. How did I get them clean?

I used a spot cleaner of Nature Bright and Basic H2.DSC08000_thumb
Use 8oz of warm water. Mix in 1/2 tsp Nature Bright and allow to dissolve. Mix in 1/4 tsp Basic H2, then pour into spray bottle.

I used this mixture on all the spots on the carpet. I borrowed a friend’s carpet cleaner and shampooed all the carpet. Before going over it with the carpet cleaner I would spray the spots in that room then shampoo. I also used about 1/4 tsp Basic H2 in the carpet cleaner instead of the carpet shampoo. It worked great and no nasty crunch or chemical residue.
Living Room Carpet After_thumb[1]

The stairs were a pain to shampoo, but the end result was totally worth it!
Stairs Before and After1

Andrew’s room cleaned up well with some dusting, vacuuming, and a good carpet shampooing.
Andrews Room Before and After

The kitchen floor was glowing after a good mopping. Again, I used Basic H2. I put about a teaspoon in a bucket of water and mopped with a rag on my hands and knees. To maintain the clean I use a ProMist Microfiber mop with 1/4 tsp Basic H2 and water in the spray bottle.
Kitchen Floor After

The oven was a challenge, but with Basic H2 Degreaser and Scour Off, it is looking like new these days.
Oven Before
Oven After

I spent a long time scraping up the dried detergent in the laundry room and eventually it cleaned up well. However it did stain the vinyl. Not a big deal since the washer and dryer cover it though.
Laundry Room Before
Laundry Room After

The boys bathroom took a ton of time to clean, but was so much better.

Here’s a very blurry picture of me that Andrew took when I started to clean bathrooms. haha. The gloves and mask weren’t to protect me from chemicals, as you know I use all natural non-toxic cleaners. No the gloves were to protect me from the pure DISGUSTING-NESS I had to clean (aka toilets) and the mask was to prevent me from throwing up! lol

I had to get one of those drain cleaning tools (Found mine at Lowe’s). These work so great, I got all the hair, push pins, etc out of the drains. yeah this almost made me lose my cookies too. yuck to cleaning someone else’s hair out of the sink!

The drawers cleaned up great with a little help from Basic H2 degreaser and Scour Off. It was some kind of sticky mess so the degreaser broke it down and the Scour Off scrubbed it away.
Boys Bathroom Drawers Before and After

The toilet took time. I replaced the seat with our own seat that has the built in child’s seat. For the bowl of the toilet I used Basic G to sanitize everything, actually I think I just went in and sprayed everything, let it sit for 5 minutes, then came back ready to conquer! lol

After a cleaning, I put two scoops of Nature Bright in the bowl and let that soak a while. Lastly I got in there with Scour Off, gloves, and a disposable sponge and scrubbed like mad. I stopped at this point. I didn’t get it all off, but I know it’s not dirty just some rust/sediment build up so I’m fine with that for now.

**Update: I DID get it off, click HERE to see how**
Toilet process

After more cleaning I finally got the bathroom to sparkle! Open-mouthed smile
Boys Bathroom before and after2

And here it is after the after. I have put towel bars up and gotten a second green rug since this picture, but pretty much it looks like this now. SOOOOOO much better!!

The Master bathroom is looking so much better now.
Master Bathroom After

And I think that about wraps it up. It took a long time, but I’m so grateful I had the Get Clean line to clean. I don't even want to imagine what kind of toll it would have taken on my body had I used chemical cleaners! Yuck. Instead I used the non-toxic cleaning power of Shaklee to get this house in tip top shape.

Now to finish unpacking (almost there), paint (ha!), and decorate. So expect more pictures soon as I get around to more and more things.

Hope you’re having a fabulous day!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your cleaning tips! Kathy

  2. Wow! That's amazing! Looks like a great house :)

  3. Wow, I am so glad I didn't have to clean all that! Did a bunch of slobs live there before you?

  4. A pumice stone will scrub out the toilet rings, rust, hard water spots etc. I have to use one all the time here where I live since the well water can be a bit full of minerals. And wow - what a difference.

  5. Great job, I am going to look into the new cleaners.

  6. Wow, I just looked at the before pics and am amazed at the after. I didn't think those carpets would come clean. Great job! Oh, and I've used sandpaper to clean the rust/hard water ring in my toilets. Works good with very little effort.

    1. I was surprised too that all the carpets got clean. It felt so much better knowing my little guy wasn't crawling around on filthy carpets. I ended up using a wet pumice stone and it worked great. I'll remember the sandpaper too. Great tip!

  7. Seriously, what an amazing difference! And with the Basic G, you know it is sanitary too!!

    1. Yes, I felt so much better knowing it was sanitary.


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