Monday, May 21, 2012

Lamp Re-Redo

Well I didn't plan on being absent for so long. I took my boys and spent a week in Arizona with my mom and last week I needed some personal time. So that's where I've been. I've worked on several projects, but can't share many of them because I've made them for a few friends with weddings coming up. 

I can share this lamp redo. About a month ago, the floor lamp I had in my little man's room got knocked over and broke. I've just been putting off buying a new one, but luckily I came across one in the closet that wasn't being used. It was formerly in the living room and looked like this.

Not quite the look I'm going for in my little boys room. 


I changed it up again. I took the flower and ribbon off.

I measured the shade

and cut my fabric.

I took the shade outside and sprayed it with spray glue.  

Applied the fabric and tucked the edges under 

and then you have a totally different lamp shade.

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