Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I Did With My Friday Night...

I wanted to start off by thanking all of my new followers, I'm really excited to have a larger audience. I hope I can help inspire and motivate you, if even in the smallest, slightest way. 

After the little man was asleep last night I FINALLY got up the courage to do something I've been dreading...clean my master bathroom. Blah...So in my defense for the shower I have really bad eyesight and when I shower I don't have my contacts was bad!

 So I also wanted to see how long it would take me to clean my bathroom using Shaklee's Basic H2. I only had two cleaners for everything. I loved that. I didn't have to switch cleaners, I just sprayed everything down and went from mirror to sink to tub and floor. It took about 25 minutes to clear everything out and clean it all. Mirrors, sink, counter, shower, tub, floor, and toilet. The Basic H2 did such a great job, everything sparkled!

When I was writing the post, I realized that I didn't have an after picture of the drain. This is the picture I took this morning...
The little ring isn't very visible in the light of the bathroom but the flash brought it out. I think it's hard water because there's always a pool of water that doesn't drain completely. I went at it with the Scour Off this time and it was gone!
So 25 minutes for a really nasty bathroom, great. Fume-free, non-toxic cleaning that is simple and effective, WONDERFUL!! 

I also conquered the guest bath a few days before and since it wasn't as bad, it was WAY quicker. 10 minutes!!! 

How quickly can you clean your bathroom? How many cleaners does it take you to clean? Shaklee's Basic H2 makes it so quick and easy to clean and on top of that it is much less expensive compared to name brand products. I mean 22 cents for a GALLON of all-purpose cleaner and less than 1 cent for a GALLON of window cleaner!!! AMAZING!!


  1. Looks great! Next Friday, wanna clean mine? lol
    Great job girl! :)

  2. great results! We have 2 small bathrooms, so it takes me about 15 min to clean each one top to bottom. I use a home made cleaner for the sinks toilets, tubs, and a no rinse floor cleaner w/ a microfiber mop, and I use an all natural glass cleaner for the mirrors and chrome. I love using natural cleaners but my favorite are homemade right now, because they are SO cheap! I'm hoping to one day try some Shaklee products! Love reading your blog!


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