Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A quick and easy project - Kid's Car pillow

I actually did this one last week, but I'm just now getting around to telling you about it. So a couple weeks ago I went and found a "big boy" car seat for my son. I got it installed a early last week, but realized that even though it was reclined all the way for rear-facing, his poor head still drooped when he fell asleep. Luckily the blog world has a remedy for almost every crafting itch. I found this great tutorial at Make It and Love It for a neck pillow (click here). It was so quick and easy and I had everything on hand. The fabric was a remnant from Joann's and the stuffing was from that lion I gutted a while back.

It turned out great and the little guys loves it, playing with it at least. He puts it on and pulls it off like it's a necklace.

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