Monday, September 20, 2010

Dollar Store Skirt

Well I think I figured out why it's so hard to get projects done...

okay, so I already knew that, but seriously this kid is getting to be a mover. He has started walking pretty well over the last couple weeks. 

Well with the BYU fabric I got at Hancock, I made a simple highchair drop cloth. All I did was hem the edges, nice and simple. 

Mostly what I did this week was making a skirt out of a dollar store shirt. I found a 2XL men's shirt and followed a tutorial I found at My Blonde Ambition. I kinda had to do my own spin on it because my shirt wasn't as big as in the tutorial. I didn't quite have enough fabric to do the ruffle on the bottom (plus this shirt must have been a lot thinner than normal, the knit kept curling on itself - so annoying).

I decided to make the waist with a drawstring so it would be a little more secure.

So it turned out pretty good, although a little plain. I'll probably stencil something on it to add a little more pizazz. It's a nice casual skirt for those hot days we get here in Vegas and it only cost a dollar!!!

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