Friday, July 11, 2014

Homemade Cherry Hand Pies

Homemade cherry handpies19
I’m am totally not a ‘reader.’ I need to be, I should be, but I’m not. I have gotten into a few books series, but generally I don’t finish books. So it might surprise you that I am part of a book club. lol.

I hosted book club last night at my house and of course we have treats! The other ladies are super creative and usually make a treat to match the book in some way. Well I have been totally horrible at this in the past so I put a double effort in for this book.

I chose the book, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma. It is the third book in the series and we had read the other two at some point over the last couple years so I figured we’d finally finish the series.

I loved these books! They are fun adventures with great kid characters. They are also great for kids to read. Probably why I like them so much
Anyway, one of the characters is a former circus strong man and is also an amazing cook. He is well known for his pies. So I decided to make cherry pie!

I didn’t have a recipe for cherry pie, so what to do? Search Pinterest and my fellow food blogger’s pages, of course! I found the recipe for the filling at Oysters and Pearls.

I don’t have a cherry pitter so I just cut the cherries down the middle and pulled the seeds out.
Homemade cherry handpies

Then you cook the cherries down with sugar, vanilla, and a tiny bit of salt. Then you add a cornstarch/water mixture and bring to a boil. Turn the heat off and allow to cool, stirring occasionally.

Homemade cherry handpies3

Then you gotta make crust. I got my recipe from Crazy for Crust. I’m not so great at crusts…so they aren’t too pretty. I used a bowl to cut out

Homemade cherry handpies6

Once the circles are cut, you carefully fill with the cherry filling and pinch the sides closed. With the tines of a fork you make the the crimped edge.

Homemade cherry handpies4

See not so pretty…Give each pie a brush with an egg wash and sprinkle with a tiny bit of sugar. Then poke holes to prevent the pies from exploding (haha too late!)

Homemade cherry handpies7

Bake and enjoy, once cooled of course! They turned out fabulous. They don’t taste like canned pie filling, which is great. I don’t like bright red cherry pie. These ones were perfectly tart and sweet.

Homemade cherry handpies18

What’s your favorite kind of pie? Or are you more of a cake person?

Check out Oysters and Pearls for the cherry pie filling and
Crazy for Crusts for the pie crust recipe


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