Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Hairy Day

How was your President’s Day? Did you get the day off work? Were your kids home from school?

We had a great President’s Day. Unfortunately with it being busy season, my husband didn’t get to be home with us, but we had a fantastic day with friends!

I’ve mentioned before that I put together a craft club for women in my church. This month we had an amazing offer to learn how to cut kid’s hair!

It could not have come at a better time…Look at that shaggy guy!!
2013-02-18 10.16.52

So a bunch of ladies and their kids came over and we all snipped, buzzed, and cut the morning away! Ben did surprisingly well, most of the time. He got a sucker to get him to sit still.
2013-02-18 10.29.34

A lot of hairs were cut!
2013-02-18 13.23.40

Ben finally just needed his nap so I only got about 75% done. I just need to finish the side blending. Even without that, he looks soooo much better!!
2013-02-18 13.24.07

After the busy morning with lots of friends, we had a calm lunch and played outside for a couple hours. The boys loved the sand, dirt, and sun.

At the end of a long day, they got a much needed bath.

It was a fun day! I hope you guys had a great day too!

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