Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Pizza Stains Out of Carpet

We had pizza the other night. My husband was still at work and my youngest was already in bed so I thought it would be fun for Andrew and me to watch a little show together while eating dinner. 

Well as he brought his plate of pizza to his chair, he spilled it. Red tomato sauce all over the light carpet.  :-(

Luckily I had mixed up some spot cleaner earlier in the day for some laundry stains. All I did was mix 1/4 tsp Basic H2 and 1/2 tsp Nature Bright with 8 oz of water. 

Applied to the stained area

In fact, since Andrew was so sad about his mess, I let him do it. I'm so grateful all of Shaklee's products are non-toxic so he can help clean too. 

 I blotted it with a washcloth and it came right out!

 Not a hint of tomato sauce left!


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