Monday, April 2, 2012

Give New Life to Your Dirty Pots with Scour Off

Today I wanted to share some of my progress with spring cleaning. I have done a lot of the usual cleaning; dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc. Well when I was washing dishes the other day I noticed how horrible the outside of my pots have gotten. I don’t really know what all this is from, just burnt on stuff I guess, but I couldn’t get it off with just a scrubber and dish soap, so I pulled out the Scour Off.
Here are my pots before:
And here they are after:
It was so easy to get off with the Scour Off, just used the green scrubby sponge and it was off in no time!
Where else can you use Scour Off in your house?
I love it as an over cleaner!! Did you know commercial chemical oven cleaners are one of the most toxic products people use? They contain lye and ammonia, which eat the skin, and the fumes linger and affect the respiratory system. Not with Scour Off!
b&a ovenb&a stove
I’ve used it to clean hard water spots, soap scum, and grim off the tub and shower…
Tub stop scour off
scour off shower hard water spots
And it’s great in the kitchen to clean and shine the sink and other stainless steel appliances!!
scour off sinkscour off toaster
It really is a fabulous multipurpose heavy duty cleaner and such a pleasant alternative to those harmful chemical cleaners!

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