Monday, November 15, 2010

Hole in the Pj's Repaired

Lately, it has gotten colder here in Vegas.  I pulled out the cold weather pj's to see what I've got to work with and I found these...

He wore a hole in these back when he first began crawling. I tried them on him and they fit in the body, but the legs are too short. So I figured it would be pretty easy to fix that.
 I started by cutting off the foot of the pj's.

Then I used some ribbed knit to create a cuff around the leg. 

I did that by cutting strips that were as long as the circumference of the leg, exactly. The knit will stretch so you don't need seam allowance. I got the instructions from no big dill. (click here for instructions)

One thing I messed up on is I cut the knit the wrong way. You want the knit lines to be running up and down so it stretches side to side, make sense? I hope so. I'm sure it's common sense, but I really don't know where my brain was at, it was late. I was able to make it work though and they turned out perfect.
He would not stand still or relinquish the diaper changing supplies for a picture. Silly boy.


  1. GOOD idea! You are so resourceful, I love it and he is getting so big.

  2. Hey Alex! Adorable blog! I didn't realize you had this blog! I'm not crafty at all but it'd be fun to learn how to do all those cute crafty ideas. And you have a lot of them. :)

  3. Great job! So love the pic of the toe peeping through :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower, Alice x

    1. hehe yeah that's one of my favorites, I almost didn't want to fix it because I thought it was so cute.


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