What My Clients Are Saying

What My Clients Are Saying About Shaklee:

I am a Registered Nurse who works on a busy Medical-Surgical unit. Some days there simply is no time for lunch. I know the main reason Shaklee 180 shakes are enjoyed is for weight loss, but it has helped me in a totally different way.

Many of us have high metabolisms that require frequent small portions throughout the day to keep from getting weak; this product can help us. Ever since Susie introduced the 180 shake to me, it has alleviated that problem. I found that when I followed the Nuts Over Bananas recipe that's posted, the shake holds me until lunch (or until the end of my shift). No more feeling lightheaded or weak! It is not my intention to skip lunch (that isn't good for you) but I know that if lunch time passes by and I have an admission coming, or a discharge to take care of, my body is satisfied. I have tried other high protein products but they don't hold me all day like these shakes. I truly believe the ingredient leucine is the key; your blood sugars stay at an even keel. I urge you to try this product. When you feel full, you don't consume empty carbs. I have to admit, I have lost weight, and that's a great benefit. But what's more important to me is feeling good so I can take care of my patients!

I've only just begun Shaklee 180, but the Boost is something I will never miss ordering again! I definitely feel a difference in my overall health thanks to the Vitalizer, but I wasn't sure what could be attributed to the Boost- So much more energy!!! And I never get the "3pm, ugh my lunch was too big" feeling when I take it, even if my lunch was too big. With Boost I was able to plow through my 8 hour work day, handle 2 kids, work on Shaklee, and keep a clean home like it was nothing! Super mom on Boost.

Get Clean:

I like that I can clean and I know it is clean, but don't have to worry about bleaching my clothes or my kids. LOL!! :D


I love Shaklees cleaning products! When I first tried them I had no expectations and knew little about their products. I fell in love with the all purpose cleaner and the window cleaner! I dread major cleaning in my house because I hate having to inhale all of the fumes from all the store brand cleaners. I was pleasantly surprised that Shaklee products were not only scent free and made from all natural products but they really did clean better! With just minimal spray of the all purpose cleaner and a dry cloth, it shined my kitchen granite counter tops right up along with my stainless steal appliances! I pretty much discovered I could use this cleaner on just about everything!! Definitely made cleaning a much better experience for me.

I ran out of the fresh laundry powder and the dishwasher detergent powder a few weeks ago. Not wanting to wait I bought regular laundry and dishwasher detergent (big mistake). The laundry detergent didn't get my clothes clean and made me break out and the dishwasher detergent smelled so strong it burned my nose and eyes. I ordered Shaklee's dishwasher and laundry detergent immediately after that. It arrived today. I was so excited to get my order. I will never use anything else ever again. I'm so glad I got introduced to Shaklee!


I had to take my five year old home during church to change dresses. The one she was wearing was pulled out of storage from before I switched to Shaklee detergents and had a rash forming across the whole of her back. Her ultra-sensitive skin is why I tried Shaklee laundry stuff and it was obvious today that I will never switch back! Her skin was rash free this morning during bath time and rash free again this evening after we removed the dress. These rashes used to be a common part of our lives - so glad I know the fix!!


Ok y'all I have been feeling amazing these last days. Then today at about lunch time I just felt like crawling into bed. I have no energy and had to bail on the work I needed to do for a fundraiser event. Then it dawned on me I didn't take vitalizer today. Seriously the difference is incredible! Definitely reconfirms that I am taking the right stuff! On my way home now to take it.

 Since I started taking Vitalizers regularly I have noticed that I am not tired and have more energy. (I wake at 4am every day so to not be tired is a miracle!!)

Erin Branscom: Suffered with migraines and seizures until she started taking this supplement called VIVIX its a natural and cheaper alternative to all of the pricey and harmful steroid medications. 

In the Fall of 2009 I attended some Shaklee Business training in
Atlanta, Ga. On the second day,  the leader of the training asked for testimonies from the group about VIVIX. The 60's something woman at a nearby table immediately raised herhand to share what she and her sister had witnessed after theystarted giving VIVIX to their Mom who had been diagnosed withAlzheimer's 5 years ago. Before VIVIX,  they had tried many medications,  but the drugsactually made their Mom worse.  They were taking care of her athome,  hated the results of the drugs,  and discontinued thosedrugs. Before VIVIX their Mom had not dressed herself in 2 years,  had tobe fed all her meals,  and recognized very few family members.  She had very little interest in anyone or anything and rarely spoke. One day during the second month of taking VIVIX,  their Mom beganto talk some every day....and one of the first things she said was, "I want to go to the kitchen and fix myself a peanut buttersandwich."  This from a lady who had not fixed herself a meal inyears! After three months on VIVIX the daughters believed that their Mom was
recognizing most of her guests. So they got out the family album and asked her to point to themembers of the family that they named for her.  She identified mostall of the family members! After three months on VIVIX their Mom was feeding herself, dressingherself and enjoying her company.  She is moving around more andobviously feels much better. These daughters decided that they needed to become Shaklee distributors because of the miraculous reversal of Alzheimers symptoms that they witnessed after they started her on VIVIX

Diane: My dad has had some problems lately that have required trips to the V.A. Medical Center in Cincinnati-----LONG days!!!!! I've been going constantly with little slow-down. We do leave for a little R and R trip to Florida tomorrow if things are stable. I tell you all of this because IF there is a time in the future when Shaklee decides to produce no more Stress Relief tablets, I want a 3 year notice, I want compensation in the form of a 3 month stay at an upscale spa somewhere in the tropics, and I want an all expense paid, never-ending stint at the local psyche center. That's all.

When Nutriferon came out several years ago, I took it to keep my immune system strong while teaching.  That happened, but I was surprised when taking it also eliminated the seasonal allergies and sinus problems I'd suffered from for many years.  Since then I've faithfully taken two a day and have never had any more problems with either of those conditions.  Plus, I haven't had any colds, and that's been a blessing, but I did catch one last week.  So, as I was in bed, miserable and emptying a kleenex box, I thought that if a person can take two Tylenol every four hours when sick, then I could surely take two Nutriferon every four hours.  That's what I did and by the next morning all of the symptoms were totally gone!  I was really amazed and so happy that I could get up and get going again!  

I was sharing this with you this morning, and you both told similar stories of how Nutriferon has helped you and others you know with different health conditions. I think the immune system, just like any part of the body, benefits from being fed what it needs, and when it's overtaxed, it just needs more help.  Sometimes, for me,  it's been a matter of experimenting a bit to discover which Shaklee products and what amounts of those products are needed.

I hope this is encouraging to anyone who reads it - that the power to give the body what it needs to sustain and build health is within our Shaklee grasp. 

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