Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Newest Silicone Additions...

I am in love with my 2 newest silicone additions!

But it's not what you think!!

I've recently tried two newer trends/products and I'm pretty happy with both.

Before I tell you all about them, picture this. You take off your wedding ring and set it in a safe place as you head outside to do some yard work. A few hours later after coming in and cooling off, you head to the kitchen sink to do some dishes and run the garbage disposal. It makes a funny noise, but you don't think much of it. Must be some food junk down there.

A little while later you realize you forgot to put your ring back on and go to the safe spot you put it - the window ledge above the kitchen sink. Hmm...not there. Maybe it fell in the dish drainer. You move the dishes around a bit but no sign. That's when you remember - the grinding sound the garbage disposal made a little while before.
You look down, cringing because you are hoping you aren't right. But unfortunately you are, the sound you heard earlier was indeed your wedding ring which had taken a suicidal plunge into the garbage disposal! The main diamond obliterated and the setting twisted and gnarled. 

Through a series of accidental and unfortunate events, my wedding ring is no more. We went to the jewelers and garbage disposals are not covered under the warranty. We were told we could trade it in for a few hundred dollars towards something new, but it was pretty much totaled.

At the time, we weren't in a place to replace the ring and I had a band I could wear. I even bought a bunch of fakies to get the diamond ring look again, but they never fit right or the rock was just too big for my style.

Enter the silicone ring.

I started seeing these around about a year ago or so. I've seen several different companies and styles. I've seen thin stackable kinds, plain bands, and bands with subtle patterns on them.

I finally took the plunge when my husband was placing an order and needed a bit more to reach the $50 minimum for free shipping. They weren't any special brand, but I liked that I was getting 5 different colors, and I just wanted to give them a try before spending more.

I gotta say, I love them! (Here's a similar style/brand)

They are comfortable, come in cute colors, and I don't have to worry about scratching them or getting them dirty when I'm cooking, building stuff, or working on my car (it's true, I changed the radiator on our Pathfinder! Girl power!).

The other silicone product I've recently tried is the silicone menstrual cup. I had heard about them a few years ago and I wasn't sure what to think. It sounded like a great alternative to pads and tampons, but I really wasn't sure how it would feel/fit/work.

So far I have been pleasantly surprised. It took a bit to get used to and without getting graphic, it is a bit of a shock when you empty it. Anyway, I love the idea of saving money, but also the environmental impact of not flushing a tampon or throwing away a pad.

I bought a 2 pack which is very helpful. I highly recommend getting two of whatever brand you get. I got The Dutchess Cup brand.  They came with little travel bags to put them in for your purse or just to store them in. They do come in two sizes - pre childbirth and post - be sure to get the right size.

So there you have it, my two new silicone additions and how I like them so far! Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have about either.

What new or different products have you tried lately that you've liked?

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