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Give the Gift of Health with Shaklee

gift of health
If you are like me, you love to give gifts that matter!  You like to give things that will add value to someone’s life. Possibly change it. I love giving gifts that mean something and will help someone feel better, get healthier, or make life easier. I love giving Shaklee products as gifts and my family loves and appreciated it so much! The gift of health!
Here’s our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide for giving health this year!
Great teacher gifts!
1. Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream … $7.75
Cooling mentholated formula is enriched with natural extracts, including rosemary, chamomile, corn oil, and salvia to nourish stressed skin.  This non-greasy formula leaves skin soft and refreshed. Perfect for soothing dry, chapped and rough skin including callouses on knees, elbows and feet.
2. Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes & Germ Off Wipes … $15.50
Basic H Wipes: Powerful, all-purpose cleaning wipes | Basic G: Leaves your bathroom and kitchen fresh and clean. The smart way to clean and disinfect.
shaklee get clean basic h
Source: (Jennifer Zerilli)
3. Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar & Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream … $14.65
Bar: Meadow Blend is a mild, soap-free, pH-balanced, biodegradable cleansing bar that thoroughly washes away impurities.  Enriched with soothing oatmeal, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil to leave skin clean, healthy and soft.  Ideal for those with sensitive skin.
4. Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar, Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream & Lip Balm … $21.35
Lip Balm: This nourishing lip treatment provides protection against peeling and chapping while smoothing the appearance of fine vertical lines.  Softens and firms with Cocoa Seed and Shea Butter.  SPF 15 provides broad spectrum protection against UV-induced collagen breakdown.
The gift of a safe, non-toxic home


5. Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate & 3 Pack Spray Bottles … $17.25
Basic H: This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner, or 5,824 bottles of window cleaner.  We challenge you to use it up any time soon to clean everything from spilled milk, to bug guts on the window, to splattered spaghetti sauce. Now go, get cleaning.
6. Hand Wash Concentrate & Pump Dispenser … $20.00
This super mild, sudsy wash makes it so nice to do as you’ve always been told – go wash your hands.  It has wheat germ oil and algae extract to moisturize; soy protein to condition; aloe, marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), and linden flower (Tilia cordata) extracts to soothe; and rosemary and arnica extracts to energize. So now it’s more like, “Go take your hands to the spa.”
7. Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning WipesGerm Off Wipes & Scour Off … $22.75
Here’s an exclusive scouring cleanser that sets a new standard. It’s a paste, so it doesn’t form dust clouds, yet it gently removes stains other cleansers can’t and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles and it will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble. See my cleaning before & after's here
8. Get Clean Water Starter Kit … $57.50
The green way to cleaner water.
9. Get Clean Starter Kit … $99.00
All you need to start cleaning your way to a healthier home.
The gift of a healthy, stress free holiday
10. B Complex & Vitamin D3 … $29.65
B-Complex: High potency B vitamins with patented folic acid delivery system. Vitamin D3: High potency vitamin D3
11. Sustained Release Vitamin C & Defend and Resist Complex …$39.00
Vitamin C: Your body is capable of many things, but it can’t make vitamin C. Available in Sustained Release and Chewable formulas, Vitamin C has been shown to supports immune health and help maintain natural antioxidant defenses and cell integrity. D&R: When you feel that first tickle
12. Stress Relief Complex & Shea Butter Cream … $57.50
Stress Relief: Natural stress relief you can safely take every day. Shea Butter Cream: Luxurious shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, and has amazing moisturizing properties.
The gift of healthy children (great idea for grandparents to give too!)
(Source: Amanda Donohoe
13. ShakleeBaby Massage Oil & ShakleeBaby Soothing Lotion …$36.15
14.Incredivites MultiVitamin & Mighty Smarts DHA Chews … $56.70

Great for athletes!
15. Performance & Physique … $45.70

All prices are based on member Price and do not include tax or shipping. Not a member? Learn more about a membership here!

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***More Gift Ideas***

Teacher Appreciation Gift



Healthy Valentine Treats (Source: !)shaklee-energy-chew-valentines shaklee-energy-tea-energy-chews-and-might-smarts_thumb shaklee-energy-tea-valentine-_thumb shaklee-kids-mighty-smart-valentines-_thumb


Healthy Mother’s Day “Rejuvenation Pack” Gift

B-Complex, Shea Butter, Protein Shakes & Bars, Performance, & Energy Chews!! EVERY MOM WILL LOVE THIS!!!
pampering gifts for momspampering gifts for moms
Tea, Shea Butter, etc. (Source:

Healthy Wedding Shower Gift
Get Clean Products and a Towel Cake (Source-
Healthy Wedding Gift
Healthy Baby Shower Gift
Baby products and a diaper cake. (source:
shaklee get clean diaper cake
Healthy Energy
More Christmas Gifts (Source: Amanda Donohoe
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order shaklee and save

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