Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 Shaklee Global Conference

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Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Do you have a fun week coming up?

It has been a crazy couple weeks. We attended a wedding out of state and few days later I left for Long Beach, and right after getting back I had many things to do for my calling in church. Not to mention coming back to the day to day of the home and the kids readjusting to me being home. It was rough. 

So with school starting up, I’m looking forward to being much more regular and catching you up on some new projects I’ve got. Today I wanted to give you a quick run down of the conference I went to. 

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me and has always impressed me about Shaklee is the history and the legacy. Dr.Shaklee helped to develop the first multivitamin almost 100 years ago. Shaklee, the company, has been around for almost 60! There aren’t many companies with that kind of longevity!
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Four new and very exciting products were launched at conference and I can’t wait to share  more about them. Here is a small teaser of two of them!
2014-08-14 09.45.21
2014-08-14 12.05.54

Roger, our CEO, talked a bit about life span versus health span. Our life span is how long we live, pretty simple. But our health span is what our quality of life is like, what our health is like during the time we’re living. Even though we’re living longer lives, most people are not healthy at the end and are often bed ridden or reliant on many medications. How we treat our bodies now, matters and will either positively or negatively affect our health span.
2014-08-14 09.52.50

Maria Shriver was our keynote speaker and it was fantastic listening to her. Honestly, I didn’t know a whole lot about her prior to hearing that she would be speaking. I learned she is a reporter, an author, and an architect of change. This was one of Maria’s key points, that we can all be ‘architects of change’
by working to change our circumstances, inspire others with our story, and just by being kind.

She also said we are not ‘just’ a mom or ‘just’ a dad. She said those are huge and important roles so give yourself credit! That really hit me because I say that, ‘I’m just a mom.’
Maria was wonderful and totally inspiring!

 The last thing that I wanted to share about the conference, and I already knew this, but it was confirmed to me again. The people I’ve met on our team, Project Dream, and in Shaklee are just amazing, kind, and happy people. Project Dream is so special, we all respect, care for each other, and share ideas.

I can’t imagine not knowing these wonderful women…
2014-08-15 19.20.572014_Shaklee_Global_conference_Long_Beach_me_and_Christy

 I was even adopted as a second mom by Lacie Smile
All the ladies…
project dream on the beach
It was a wonderful weekend with my Project Dream ladies and can’t wait to see what our group looks like next year and what awesome people will join our team.

If you’re looking for a group of women who value health, friendship, and helping each other or if you’re looking for a way to make a little or a lot of money from home during naptime, Project Dream may be a good fit. Shoot me an email and I’d be glad to answer any questions for you. 

I’m excited about getting back to blogging and working on some great projects coming up!
Have an awesome week!

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