Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My go to product–Princess J Bands Guest Post

Hey guys, I’ve got a fun guest post for you today from another mommy that I ‘met’ through a Vegas mommies Facebook page. She has the cutest line of headbands and she’s here today to give all us mommies a tip on looking and feeling our best!
Princess J bands
Hi everyone! My name is Kyndra, I am a mommy to my Princess J, freelance makeup artist & owner/designer of Princess J Bands.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my fav daily go to items, but before we get to the goodies let me tell you a bit about my experience with motherhood.

Before I became a mommy I had all the time in the world to spend on my appearance. One to two hours on makeup, forty-five minutes on hair music playing, the room smelling like Victorias Secret & not a care in the world.. I mean it was literally all about ME! What had been a typical 3 hour doll myself up session now consistes of Olympic speed showers, damp buns & if I was lucky I'd get to put on some lotion & Chapstick! As a first time mom it was a learning experience trying to get in a steady groove. What worked for my family/what didn't work & lots of trial and error.

Princess J is now 18 months and I'd like to believe I've got this mommy thing down pat. We all know how easy it is to forget about ourselves, it's only natural that we put our children, marriages/relationships & home life first before we even think about fulfilling our own needs/wants. I'm a huge believer in if you look good you feel good, kind of a mind over matter type of chick. I'm also huge on killing two birds with one stone, which is why the first item I want to introduce you to is Big Easy by Benefit Cosmetics. This product has changed my life, it's time saving & confidence lifting. Big Easy is a light-medium coverage multi balancing completion perfecter that controls oil while balancing moisture. Benefit nailed it by designing this product to go on as a liquid but finish as a silky powder leaving your skin looking flawless. Still need more reasons to fall in love, how about a 35 SPF & six shades?

First cleanse & moisturize your face then squeeze a small amount (little goes a long way) onto your clean hands and begin rubbing into your skin using circular motions. You can stop after this or you can throw on some mascara & Chapstick to tie everything together a bit more.

Next is hair, I've been rocking topknots lately which are definitely an upgrade from my damp buns ;) Not only are top knots mommy friendly but they're trendy too! I'll pair my topknot with a turban style headband from my line & I'm ready to tackle my day! I hope these tips help you & that you find time to give yourself some tender love and care.


Big Easy: Ulta & Sephora
Princess J Bands:

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