Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Healthy and Affordable Meal Delivery Service - Sous Kitchen Review

Disclosure: I was provided with meals to review, all opinions are 100% my own.
sous kitchen review
I am very excited for this review! A couple weeks ago on my Facebook page (are you following? you should!) I asked you guys if you would rather have a personal chef or a maid. I was actually shocked that almost everyone said a maid! I am the opposite, I would rather someone take care of the shopping, prepping, and cooking for me! So when Sous Kitchen emailed me, I was super excited to try their food and see what benefits they can offer a family like mine.

Sous Kitchen is a unique meal delivery service for people who enjoy cooking delicious, healthy meals at home but lack the time to plan, shop and prep.  Sous Kitchen delivers Chef Prepared Flash-Frozen, Ready-to-Cook Gourmet, Nutritious Meals. All meals are family size and serve 3-4 people at an average $5 to $6 per serving. I was very excited that these were healthy meals and their selection is fantastic!
Let me tell you, getting a box of food on your doorstep is really exciting!!


To keep your food frozen the box is packed with dry ice and can keep your meals cold for up to a day. It also makes a great science experiment. At first Ben was afraid, but then he had fun blowing on the ‘smoke’ and thought it was hilarious when I scooped up the smoke and threw it at him.

Each meal is conveniently packaged with all the ingredients together.


Since everything is flash frozen when I opened the bag of veggies, they smelled fresh, as if I had just chopped them myself (but I didn’t, booyah!).


I don’t cook shrimp so when I asked my husband what looked good to him and he picked shrimp, I thought it would be an excellent time to try. We got the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp. At least I didn’t have to do the shopping for it or prepping them! I ended up liking the shrimp, I’m not a fan of the creature in general but this meals tasted quite nice. The boys liked it too, yes, even the 2 year old! I think it was the first time either of them had shrimp and it went well!


The portions are great. The medium served my family really well. I had a blonde moment and forgot the couscous that was supposed to go with this dish so it really should also have had a side with it.


The Parmesan Dijon chicken was my favorite, the Dijon sauce was outstanding! Again, so easy, just pull the food out of the freezer the night before. Let them sit on the counter for a few hours then the rest of the night in the fridge.


What I really like about Sous Kitchen is that they use REAL ingredients…look actual butter! Not butter powder or something fake. A real slice of butter in the parmesan cheese herb packet.


Since I had forgotten the couscous with the shrimp I made it with the the chicken so we had a very yummy carb overload. :) Even without the couscous, the portion sizes are very generous! And we had another chicken breast and plenty of sides left over!


Both boys loved the chicken!


Andrew even said, “Mommy, I looooove this chicken!” I pretty sure that’s the highest praise a 4 year old can give you when it comes to food!


So I really encourage you to hop over and check out Sous Kitchen to learn more and see their awesome menu! If you take your family to eat out a lot, Sous Kitchen can really save you some money! On average the meals cost $5-6 a serving which is better than any sit-down restaurant I can think of and the food is MUCH healthier than fast food restaurants!

As a treat for my wonderful readers, Sous Kitchen is offering you $10 off any order and a free shopping tote with the code: HEALTHY10

ENJOY!! And be sure to come back and tell me what meal you try and how it was!! I’m making a list of ones I need to try!


  1. Awesome!! How easy and ever so much healthier for a easy dinner!!
    Will be checking them out!!


  2. Judging by the amount of cleaning tips you post, I'm not surprised you would want a chef. I like cooking but I agree shopping and prepping aren't fun. Everything looks yummy!


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