Friday, April 11, 2014

BottleBand Review– Awesome Fitness Accessory

Disclosure: I was provided BottleBands to review

bottle band any bottle any time
This is so cool you guys. I got to meet the BottleBand guys at BYBC in February and I instantly thought this product was genius. If you’re a runner or an athlete I really think you’ll appreciate this. But even if you aren’t either, it still totally comes in handy, even to a 4 year old!

Meet the BottleBand. It’s a stretchy band that fits any bottle and instantly gives it a handle. It can fit around a large Nalgene or a simple 16oz bottle. Plus you can adjust how far apart the bands sit to adjust it to your hand.

bottle band fits any bottle

This comes in handy for running, hiking, biking, walking, or most any fitness activity. If you don’t want to carry a bag, the BottleBand makes it easy to still take water along with you. Which is so important for us especially here in the desert.

As soon as the BottleBands arrived, one was high jacked by my 4 year old. Smile    

                       2014-04-04 09.56.052014-04-04 09.56.30

I’d say it looks pretty great on the Ninja Turtles bottle. My son loves that he can put it on his handle bars and ride to the park with it.


I love that I can throw it on a stroller handle so easily. If it wasn’t so easy I honestly wouldn’t bother, which is bad because as you breastfeeding mommys know, you got drink TONS of water. I’m excited to use it as I’m able to get back to a fitness routine (more on that later) and always have a bottle of water handheld and ready to go.

Go grab yourself a BottleBand or two. Enter the code ‘HappyHealthyandDomestic’ at checkout to get $1 per band! There are a bunch of really fun sayings in their store.

And be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram. There are some really awesome photos on the Instagram page!

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