Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Easy Healthy Snack for Kids - Bonnie Donahue Guest Post

People often ask me how I “get” my kids to eat healthy and the answer is pretty simple.
I shop healthy!
Yes, we still have occasional cookies, bars, and other treats but they are mostly organic or homemade.
When their only choices are apples, bananas, carrots, or celery, they tend to choose the healthy snack.  LOL…get it….they are all healthy! :)
I like to make the presentation fun!  KIDS LOVE THAT!!!
I just cut them up all cute.
Sometimes we have pretzels or crackers too. (but they have normal ingredients that I can read.)
Sometimes, I even cut up the carrot sticks into smaller pieces because I find that it’s easier to eat that way.
My kids are obsessed with cherry tomatoes.  (We are growing several of them in our garden now!)
It didn’t take me too long to make it look “fancy” but let me tell you, they gobbled it up with in a few minutes!!
They chowed!!!!
This makes a great after school snack or anytime your kids are hunrgy.
You can also cut up all the veggies ahead of time so you always have some handy.
What are your favorite “healthy” snacks?

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