Friday, September 13, 2013

Turn Your Kids Into Cleaning Fairies - Michelle Muckala Guest Post

Michelle Muckala is the founder of, a blog all about creating pretty things amongst business and family. Michelle is married to her adult life sweetheart Jared, and has to young children ages seven and one. She works full time as a data analyst and also runs a successful health and wellness business in her spare time. Because time is limited, Michelle has a passion for making things pretty, simple, and organized. You can check out her blog for more time management and organization articles.

My house is clean and organized for about 7 milliseconds each week. That’s for the one time each day my house looks presentable before my little tornadoes come roaring back in. While continual cleaning is a great exercise, it does get exhausting and a bit old.  So I turned my oven timer into a magical device, where my children turn from tornadic children into cleaning fairies. YES…it works! How you can get your kids to clean up after themselves (and you too ha!)

It is amazing to me how much children love to play with timers. We use our oven timer, but we will be picking up another at the store because it just hit me, literally, right now, that I don’t want my kids touching the oven at all.

All you do is let THEM pick the time and let THEM set the timer. If they pick a minute or an hour, it doesn’t really matter. If they pick a minute they will have no issue with getting to reset the timer again. If they set an hour, they will catch on quickly to just how LOOOOOOOOONG an hour is. We have gotten accustomed to ten minutes.

Remember to make this a game! Let them get a little rammy here if they want. I’m not talking bumper bodies or wrestling here, but let them “hurry” to get as much stuff picked up as possible. You could do ten minutes total, or ten minutes for each room. And have a reward for them after. Tell them after you will make apples and dip after as a treat (check out this recipe-it’s healthy and we LOOOOOOOOVE it!).

However you do it, make it fun for them. We love to do this, and they really do clean well. We even do this for dusting, they love to spray and wipe! The cleaner I use is non-toxic, just as safe as water, it really works WELL, and my kids can use it no problem.  And it will save you clutter and money. Seriously…can this cleaner get any better? I don’t think so.

So have fun and do a little magic! Turn your little tornadoes into cleaning fairies.

And finally…enjoy it while it lasts. Because before you know it, stuff starts creeping back to the floor. This was literally about two minutes after the room was cleaned.

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