Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Things Before I go

So I’ve been a bit scarce here lately. I’m heading to girls camp on Saturday and let’s just say I’ve been stressing – just a little, teenie tinie bit.

My husband doesn’t get it. What about leaving my kids, house, and civilization for a week (while 6 months pregnant) could possibly be stressful? Right? Smile with tongue out

Anyway, I want you to know I will be back  with some new projects and all that jazz soon. In the mean time I have some great guest posts set up for you and A GIVEAWAY worth $329!!!!

So be sure you’re reading along and checking for updates. And that leads me to my next point. We all know Google Reader is shutting down. No, you didn’t hear that? Yeah, I’m freaking out. Maybe it’s a good think I’ll be away from technology when the shutdown happens. You better find a new way to follow all the blogs you love. I have personally transferred to BlogLovin’ and I’m enjoying how similar and simple it is. Here’s a tutorial on how to sign up and transfer your Google Reader to BlogLovin’. Anyone can use BlogLovin, you don't have to be a blogger or use gmail and I like it because it doesn't clog your inbox. That's just me.

Or if you already have an account….

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Ok, so guest posts, giveaway, Google Reader. yep, got it all. Open-mouthed smile

So have a wonderful week. Pray for me that I can sleep on a kot while 6 months fat pregnant. I did it 2 years ago, but considering the pain and discomfort I’m in trying to sleep in my bed – I think it’ll be a long week.

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  1. You are amazing. Good luck with the week!!

    1. Thanks Christi! Hope all is well with you guys!


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